SO GOOD. We’ve literally been twice since they had their grand opening yesterday. We got the Quesabirria tacos last night and they were delicious. Good size portions and they filled the tacos up, they didn’t skimp on the meat. This morning we all got breakfast burritos (bacon, potato, cheese and egg) and these are amazing too. Again, great portions. Almost too big, we’re so full. Everything tastes fresh and amazing. The hot sauce is really good and has a great flavour, it doesn’t just burn your mouth. Overall, everything is really tasty. We plan on going again tomorrow morning for breakfast. I would have taken pictures of the food but everything got eaten so quickly.
Julie Hillshafer
The roast beef chimichangas are as pretty as the picture and tastes even better. Definitely worth the money. We've had it twice. Can't wait to try the other items. The staff is friendly and professional however, as with all new businesses, they are working out the kinks.
Jessica Halstead
I’ve been to Alvarado’s twice now and both times I’ve been impressed with the portion sizes and quality of food! I also awaited this grand opening having seen that it would be open 24 hours! It is a little bit pricier than a trip to Del Taco or Taco Bell down the road but 100% worth it! The fact that they are open 24 hours is a WIN as so many places have to close early due to lack of staff and I hope that they are getting the business for these hours to be sustainable because it’s our new go-to for a post-concert snack!
If you're leaving anything less than 4-stars, you're missing the point. This style of food and 24-hour availability is a community staple in so many southwestern states but somehow not yet in CO. It's essentially the first of its kind for the South Denver area. You're getting solid food with a homecooked touch instantaneously, even when barely hanging on at 3AM after a long one. It's beautiful and its very existence should be treasured.
Scott Gohr
I've been watching the conversion from a Burger King for months and I'm happy to see that they're now open. The food was reasonably priced, and of good quality. It is marketed as fast Mexican food. A significant upgrade from Taco Bell. I had a chilly relleno plate The portions were very generous and the staff was friendly and cordia
Shane Adams
Went and got dinner with my family after waiting for moths for it to open. Ordered the 2 chicken tacos and 2 chimichanga meals. It did not disappoint. I'm Glad I live 2 blocks away and will be returning here to try out their breakfast.
Amanda Morgan
I’ve already been here twice since they opened and everything was great both times! First day they were open my husband got takeout and we tried a smothered burrito, relleno, carne asada fries and tacos. I went again for lunch and had the chicken taco plate! Tacos are AWESOME! Love the rice and beans as well, which I usually don’t care for enough to eat at most restaurants. Carne asada fries are insane and the best I have had so far in colorado! Sauces are great and actually have some heat. Will be back many times for sure and can’t wait to try other menu items as well!